PH 212

A ladybug is crawling in a straight line. At t = 0, her speed is 1 cm/s. She is accelerating at 2 cm/s2. How far has she gone in 3 seconds?

A spool is unwinding. At t = 0, the frequency of rotation is 1 rad/s. The spool is accelerating at 2 rad/s2. What is the change in the angle after 3 seconds?

A ball of mass m on the end of a string of length L is swung in a vertical circle.

a. Find the minimum speed possible at the top of the circle.


b. Find the tension in the string at the bottom of the circle, assuming that the speed is twice that at the top.

Consider the system below: a bullet is shot through holes in two disks a distance D apart, attached to a shaft that rotates with a period T. q describes the fixed angular separation of the holes. Derive a formula for the bullet speed v, in terms of given variables.

Check out the animation of this system by Behnam Saeedi here.