Kathryn Hadley's physics and astronomy courses


Physics 205 - Solar System Astronomy

Physics 206 - Stars and Stellar Evolution

Physics 207 - Galaxies, Quasars and Cosmology


Physics 212

Physics 213

In this course, we cover elementary topics in Newtonian mechanics, beginning with one and two dimensional kinematics and projectile motion. We then move to analysis of systems using a force approach, with and without friction. The next physics framework covered is a conservation approach, where we discuss conservation of momentum-impulse relationship. Finally, we discuss the conservation of energy, including kinetic and potential energy for gravitational and elastic systems. We also discuss the work-energy relationship.

In this course, we cover selected topics in Newtonian mechanics, including circular motion and rotational dynamics in general, with emphasis on conservation of angular momentum and problem-solving techniques. We then study oscillations, including simple harmonic motion and driven and damped oscillations. We apply these concepts to 2-D and 3-D waves, including applications in sound and light, interference, and wave optics. We discuss ray optics before ending the course with a treatment of Newtonian gravity.

This course focuses on electromagnetic theory and application. We being with a treatment of electric charges and the electric field for static and dynamic systems. We then cover the concept of electric flux Gauss's Law and electric potential energy. We then apply this theory to the practical application of electric circuits including resistors and capacitors. Our next topic is the magnetic field and electromagnetic induction. We include inductors in AC, RC and LRC circuits , and finish the course covering electromagnetic waves.

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